The IICEC Energy Market Newsletter

The IICEC Energy Market Newsletter is a unique product of IICEC intended to provide up-to-date insights and accurate information to business executives, academia and government on key global and regional energy challenges. This is in line with the IICEC mission to serve in addressing the challenges and developing solutions for sustainable energy future for the region and the world.

The Newsletter accounts for the strategic position of İstanbul, where Europe and Asia meet, located at the crossroads of almost all current and emerging energy players, both on the producing and consuming sides of global energy markets. Hence, utilizing this strategic position, with the IICEC Newsletter, IICEC is providing up-to-date information and data within a reader-friendly publication.

The IICEC Energy Market Newsletter includes a roundup of industry news, business changes that impact customers, variety of energy-related statistics and data. There are legislative and policy updates, monthly business recaps, news articles on relevant energy issues, analyses of supply, demand and prices, reports on IICEC activities, notices of upcoming events, contributions from IICEC Members and a behind-the- scenes look on global energy developments.  The IICEC Energy Market Newsletter provides unique analytic insights to global and regional energy developments, therefore it distinguishes itself from an ordinary news blog.

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