Areas of Research

IICEC is committed to foster research partnerships between academia and industry. IICEC partnerships support a broad portfolio of energy and climate change research that can have a practical impact on public policy and provide insights for industry and other energy stakeholders, including energy consumers. This research includes the following:

  • Providing up-to-date information and analysis of the international petroleum and natural gas markets;
  • Modeling energy markets and energy trade;
  • Developing strategies and policies to achieve a sustainable and efficient transportation system;
  • Analysis of the development and diffusion of innovative energy technologies and services;
  • Identifying changes in energy consumer needs and behavior and how they affect energy markets and achieving energy policy goals;
  • Conducting research using the full resources of Sabancı University to develop advanced clean energy technologies;
  • and Integrating these combined efforts into our flagship publication: the IICEC Turkey Energy Outlook.
  • Understanding the geopolitics of energy trade.
  • Analyzing the water-energy nexus.


This research program will contribute to:

  • Increasing clean energy supplies;
  • Increasing energy efficiency;
  • Diversifying sources of energy;
  • Achieving national energy security;
  • Achieving a sustainable environmental future;
  • Meeting growing energy service demand at reasonable consumer prices;
  • and Meeting the energy needs of the developing world.