Seminar by Dr. Emre Gençer “Exploring the Rapidly Changing Energy System”

Enerji Teknolojisi AR-GE Yol Haritası Toplantısı
26 September 2019
Sabancı University Minerva Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

Seminar by Dr. Emre Gençer “Exploring the Rapidly Changing Energy System”

Sabancı University Istanbul International Center for Energy and Climate (IICEC), which brings together key stakeholders in energy and climate issues and provides an exclusive platform for analytical and objective research, exchange of ideas and information on the prominent issues in the sector, continues to host important names of the sector in line with this objective to disclose new research on prominent issues in the energy system.

On 26 th September 2019, IICEC hosted one of the world leading universities “MIT Energy Initiative” researcher Dr. Emre Gençer within the scope of IICEC Energy and Climate Research Series to present his research titled “Exploring the Rapidly Changing Energy System”.

“Within the scope of new dynamics in energy, a broad technology portfolio is needed.”

The research points out that the development and transformation of the energy system emphasizes more interaction between the electricity, transportation and industrial sectors, and in addition to the existing dynamics within the scope of new dynamics, innovative modeling studies and new approaches for system-level analysis are needed. This research focuses on the electricity sector and hydrogen technology, which are important in terms of reducing carbon density while simultaneously meeting the increase in demand in the energy sector, and points to the importance of data-supported analytical approaches in which the energy system is handled holistically. This analytical study, in which a detailed modeling of the California energy system is presented as a case study, sheds light on the technological and operational dynamics of the emerging energy system.

Dr. Emre Gençer stated that the developments so far achieved in areas such as renewable energy and energy efficiency are important in terms of reducing the carbon footprint in the energy sector and drew attention to the importance of technological developments in areas other than the electricity system.

Dr. Gençer pointed out the importance of the use of hydrogen as a new energy carrier, and with the efficient use of hydrogen along with CCS technology, hydrocarbon fuels can be utilized in a more sustainable way.

Dr. Emre Gençer pointed out that they examined the main vectors of energy conversion in detail within the scope of the modeling system they developed. Dr. Gençer emphasized the need for a comprehensive technology portfolio and holistic modeling approaches that take into account regional characteristics within the dynamics of increasing demand for energy, access to energy and reducing carbon intensity.

Innovative approaches to market design are important as well as technological developments.

After the presentation of Dr. Emre Gençer, Retired fGeneral Manager of Energy Affairs rom MENR, Burak Dilli, and Director of SHURA, Dr. Değer Saygın joined the panel as speakers.

In his speech Budak Dilli pointed out that the transformation in energy requires innovative approaches also in terms of market and system operation. “Designing the transition period is very important. From a sustainability perspective, work is needed on innovative approaches that address energy security and cost aspects. In this context, I consider it important to focus on areas such as market design and operation, and system operation.”

Pointing out that the energy sector is very important in terms of global carbon emissions and sharing important findings from IRENA studies, Dr. Değer Saygın expressed his views as follows: “In addition to power sector, other elements of the energy system requires decarbonization. In addition to renewable energy, energy efficiency as well as carbon capture and storage technologies which are in the process of development are of great importance in terms of reducing carbon density. Furthermore, technological advances in hydrogen production and use in the energy sector, market design and financing also need to be improved.

IICEC Director Carmine Difiglio said: “Sabancı University and the MIT Energy Initiative have a long standing relationship with each other beginning with its Founding Director (and former U.S. Energy Secretary), Professor Ernest Moniz.  Therefore it was a special pleasure to have Dr. Emre Gençer, from the MIT Energy Initiative, at the Minerva Palace to discuss the transition to a clean energy future.  Dr. Gençer’s paper and presentation contained some sobering messages about the slow uptake of key technologies needed to prevent severe climate change.  This was in line with IEA Executive Director Dr. Fatih Birol’s recent statement at Sabancı University, that “out of 45 clean energy technologies only 3 are on track and the rest are underperforming compared to their potential.”  Dr. Gençer stressed the need to use hydrogen as a new energy carrier.  We can still use our hydrocarbon fuels, Gençer said, by using the hydrogen and sequestering the carbon.”

IICEC Research Director Bora Şekip Güray stated that the analytical modelling approaches are an important tool for understanding of the new dynamics in the energy system and the interactions among the sub-sectors as well as development of efficient technology solutions for the sustainable energy future and stated that as Sabanci University IICEC is carrying out important studies in this field.