Serkan Ünal

Serkan Ünal


Name: Serkan Ünal

Title: Researcher

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Research Activities:

Dr. Ünal studies on the synthesis of waterborne polyurethane dispersions for functional coating and adhesive applications, polymeric nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes for water purification and desalination applications, hybrid nanomaterials for water purification, multi-functional nanomaterials for structural composites, hybrid nanomaterials for energy storage and conversion applications.

Selected Publications:

Halloysite nanotubes/polyethylene nanocomposites for active food packaging materials with ethylene scavenging and gas barrier properties

Antibacterial sustained-release coatings from halloysite nanotubes/waterborne polyurethanes

Manufacturing functionalized mono-crystalline diamond containing electrospun fibers reinforced epoxy composites with improved mechanical characteristics

Numerical Heat Transfer and Entropy Analysis on Liquid Slip Flows through Parallel-Plate Microchannels

Multifunctional 3D printing of heterogeneous hydrogel structures