Serhat Yeşilyurt

Serhat Yeşilyurt


Name: Serhat Yeşilyurt

Title: Professor

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Research Activities:

Prof. Yesilyurt works on modeling, analysis and design of energy conversion devices such as fuel cells and vertical axis wind turbines. On PEM fuel cells, his recent project is on the design of flow fields that are suitable for ultra-low stoichiometric anode flow conditions mitigating detrimental effects of fuel starvation and aiming to improve fuel utilization and efficiency of the PEM system. On SOFC systems, he collaborates with Dr. Jason Siegel from the University of Michigan on the development of control strategies that improves the durability of a small SOFC system which is used as a range extender for robotic applications. Moreover, recently he completed a project on the development of energy efficient controllers for vertical axis wind turbines and developed a CFD model which is coupled with a nonlinear controller that improves the energy output of the turbine during gusty winds.

Selected Publications:

Experimental characterization of helical swimming trajectories in circular channels

Impacts of inhomogeneous clamping force on local performance and liquid water formation in polymer electrolyte fuel cells

Effects of wind gusts on a vertical axis wind turbine with high solidity

Effects of poiseuille flows on swimming of magnetic helical robots in circular channels

Confined swimming of bio-inspired microrobots in rectangular channels

Characterization and modeling of micro swimmers with helical tails and cylindrical heads inside circular channels