Meltem Sezen

Meltem Sezen


Name: Meltem Sezen

Title: Research Associate at SUNUM


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Research Activities:

Meltem Sezen works on Nanofabrication using Focused Electron and Ion Beams, Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Based Characterization, Expertise in TEM Specimen Preparation via Dual-Beam Platforms, Development of Novel 3D TEM Sample Structuring Methodologies and Advanced FIB and TEM Tomography Applications for Nanoporous Materials (COST MP1103 Action). In addition to these areas, she also works on Development of Functional Surfaces on Polymeric Materials using Electron and Ion Beam (FEB-FIB)  Modification (COST CM1301 Action), Advanced FIB/SEM and Raman Based Nanoanalysis Studies for Preventive Dentistry.

Selected Publications:

A facile route for hydroxyapatite densification with an increased heating rate

Subcooled flow boiling heat transfer enhancement using polyperfluorodecylacrylate (pPFDA) coated microtubes with different coating thicknesses

The use of focused electron and ion beams for the functionalization and nanostructuring of polymer surfaces

Hydrogen chemical configuration and thermal stability in tungsten disulfide nanoparticles exposed to hydrogen plasma