Kemal Kılıç

Kemal Kılıç


Name: Kemal Kılıç

Title: Assistant Professor


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Research Activities:

Even though Kemal Kılıç's research interests seem be diverse in various fields such as operations management, innovation management and healthcare informatics, the link that joins them is data mining, he has been working on projects such as fraud detection (in health care insurance, electricity distribution, etc,), personalized advertisement management in virtual environments, developing a Decision Support System for assisting managing innovation in manufacturing firms, forecasting based early warning quality system for electric appliances manufacturer, Furthermore, he is also working on various applications of data mining techniques in computational biology and operations management problems.

Selected Publications:

A novel hybrid genetic local search algorithm for feature selection and weighting with an application in strategic decision making in innovation management

A heuristic approach to solve the preventive health care problem with budget and congestion constraints

An interactive machine-learning-based electronic fraud and abuse detection system in healthcare insurance

Fuzzy Bi-objective Preventive Health Care Network Design