Burak Kocuk

Burak Kocuk


Name: Burak Kocuk

Title: Assistant Professor

E-mail: burak.kocuk@sabanciuniv.edu

SU Webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/burakkocuk/


Research Activities:

Dr. Kocuk’s current research mainly focuses on the theory and applications of global optimization for mixed-integer nonlinear programming and stochastic optimization problems. He uses (mixed-integer) conic programming techniques as the basis to develop solution methods for challenging engineering optimization problems. He has particular interest in the fields of power systems engineering (e.g. optimal power flow, transmission switching and unit commitment problems), financial engineering (e.g. portfolio optimization problem) and chemical engineering (e.g. pooling problem).

Selected Publications:

On subadditive duality for conic mixed-integer programs