Mehmet Yıldız

Mehmet Yıldız


Name: Mehmet Yıldız

Title: Doctor


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Research Activities:

Dr. Yıldız's research focuses on the experimental and computational aspects of materials processing with emphasis on advanced polymer-based composite materials, and crystal growth. He has been conducting research on manufacturing polymer-based composite materials for applications in aircraft structures and structural health management of fiber-reinforced advanced composite structures with embedded fiber optic FBG sensor arrays. Within the framework of his research on composite materials, Dr. Yıldız was also involved in a collaborative research activity on nano particle integrated composite materials. He is currently setting-up a crystal growth laboratory to grow Silicon-Germanium single crystals from the Silicon rich-side of the phase diagram. As well, he has been actively working on the development meshless computational fluid dynamics algorithms by using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method for simulating complex engineering problems such as free surface flow, multiphase flow and solidification.

Selected Publications:

A coupled WC-TL SPH method for simulation of hydroelastic problems

Monitoring the Interface and Bulk Self-Healing Capability of Tri-axial Electrospun Fibers in Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites

Manufacturing functionalized mono-crystalline diamond containing electrospun fibers reinforced epoxy composites with improved mechanical characteristics

Numerical Heat Transfer and Entropy Analysis on Liquid Slip Flows through Parallel-Plate Microchannels

A Numerical Study of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability for Various Atwood Numbers Using ISPH Method

Semi intrinsic self-healing performance of liquid cored microcapsules in epoxy matrix

Monitoring Damage State of Fiber Reinforced Composites using an FBG Network for Failure Prediction

The combined effect of electric forces and confinement ratio on the bubble rising