Mehmet Ali Gülgün

Mehmet Ali Gülgün


Name: Mehmet Ali Gülgün

Title: Professor


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Research Activities:

Prof. Gülgün's group focus on four major paths. First direction is microstructural engineering through sintering, densification and grain growth in functional polycrystalline ceramics. Second path is finding environmentally-friendlier alternative for cementitious materials in severe environments including construction materials for space-explorations. Third direction is fast ion-transporting materials for fuel cells, solar cells, Li-Ion batteries, conventional wet batteries. Fourth major direction is synthesis of oxide ceramics with tailored optical properties for phosphorescent or thermochromic applications.

Selected Publications:

Transmission electron microscopy of topochemical conversion interface between La2Ti2O7 reactive template and perovskite product Li0.16La0.62TiO3 electrolyte

Solid oxide-molten carbonate nano-composite fuel cells: Particle size effect

Solid oxide carbonate composite fuel cells: Size effect on percolation

Polymerized Organic-Inorganic Complex Route for Mixed-Oxide Synthesis

Process for Preparing Superhydrophobic Surface Compositions, Surfaces obtained by said Process and the Use of them

Metal Coated Nano Fibers