Mahmut Faruk Akşit

mehmet faruk akşit


Name: Mahmut Faruk Akşit

Title: Professor

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Research Activities:

Professor Akşit works on wind turbines (design and development of large industrial wind turbine structures, tuned mass tower damping systems), advanced seals (oilless foil bearings for gas turbine applications, use of foil bearings as engine seals), development of high temperature compact actuators for gas turbine shroud applications, design of unmanned aerial vehicle structures. In addition, he also works on tribopair characterization for hermetic compressor bearings under Iso-buthane atmosphere.

Selected Publications:

A fully coupled 3D thermo-elastohydrodynamics model for a bump-type compliant foil journal bearing

Modeling and control of a variable speed variable pitch angle prototype wind turbine

Design and construction of a novel quad tilt-wing UAV

Effect of R600a on tribological behavior of sintered steel under starved lubrication