Güvenç Şahin

Güvenç Şahin


Name: Güvenç Şahin

Title: Associate Professor


SU Webpage:http://myweb.sabanciuniv.edu/guvencs/



Research Activities:

Dr. Şahin studies the decision making processes of various types of players in deregulated electricity markets. He works on the analysis of the level of competition in the market and the existence of collusive behavior by considering the strategic behaviors of players in the market. Using simulation, they characterize how the generators' bids, learning model dynamics and resulting electricity prices evolve over time. Their research focuses on various questions under different market, network and learning scenarios. They investigate the type of conditions that allow electricity generators to get involved in tacit collusion while they also study factors such as pricing and power assignment rules and market closure mechanisms that may prosper a more competitive market. In their research they take into account the physical characteristics of the power grid such as the transmission line constraints and capacities of generation units while the impact of such factors are analyzed under various assumptions on the behavioral characteristics of generators such as their risk aversion levels. Findings of this stream of research shall help governments design more efficient power markets leading to lower cost electricity generation and promoting public welfare.

Selected Publications:

Determining collusion opportunities in deregulated electricity markets

An agent-based simulation of power generation company behavior in electricity markets under different market-clearing mechanisms

Competition, risk and learning in electricity markets: An agent-based simulation study