Gözde İnce

Gözde İnce


Name: Gözde İnce

Title: Associate Professor

E-mail: gozde.ince@sabanciuniv.edu

Su Webpage: http://people.sabanciuniv.edu/gozdeince/index.html



Research Activities:

Dr. İnce focuses on stimuli responsive polymer thin-films and nanostructures. She develops different types of stimuli responsive polymers and study their response behavior under different conditions. In addition to these fundamental studies, Dr. İnce also fabricates thin-films and polymer nanostructures with optimized response characteristics for various applications, including drug-delivery, biological sensors, responsive coatings and separation membranes.

Selected Publications:

Smart membranes with pH-responsive control of macromolecule permeability

Coaxial nanotubes of stimuli responsive polymers with tunable release kinetics

CVD of polymeric thin films: applications in sensors, biotechnology, microelectronics/organic electronics, microfluidics, MEMS, composites and membranes