Erdal Aydın

Erdal Aydın


Name: Erdal Aydın

Title: Doctor and Senior Researcher at IICEC


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Research Activities:

Dr. Aydın's research focuses on different topics that are associated to the assessment and design of energy conservation policies. Some of his current research projects are: “Assessment of energy efficiency potential in Turkish building sector”, "Energy labels and capitalization of energy efficiency in the housing market”, “Impact of building standards and mandatory energy labeling policies on residential energy consumption across Europe”, "Split incentives between landlords and tenants for energy efficiency investments: evidence from the Dutch housing market”, "The impact of building energy labels on the time on the market”, and "Impact of subsidy policies on the adoption of solar PVs”.

Selected Publications:

Energy efficiency and household behavior: the rebound effect in the residential sector

Information Provision and Energy Consumption: Evidence from a Field Experiment