Asif Sabanoviç

Asif Sabanoviç


Name: Asif Şabanoviç

Title: Emeritus Faculty Member

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Research Activities:

Prof. Sabanovic currently carries out the projects micro-part manipulation, bilateral control with variable time delay, design and control of flexure based nano-positioners, software for reconfigurable real time motion control systems, hierarchy and dynamical decoupling in multi-body motion control systems are under way.

Selected Publications:

A Novel Algorithm for Sensorless Motion Control, Parameter Identification and Position Estimation

Force Feedback Pushing Scheme for Micromanipulation Applications

Visualization of microscale cavitating flow regimes via particle shadow sizing imaging and vision based estimation of the cone angle

Piezo LEGS Driving Principle Based on Coordinate Transformation

Control Strategy for a Grid-Connected Inverter under Unbalanced Network Conditions—A Disturbance Observer-Based Decoupled Current Approach