Ahmet Onat

Ahmet Onat


Name: Ahmet Onat

Title: Doctor


SU Webpage: http://people.sabanciuniv.edu/onat/index_tr.html



Research Activities:

Dr. Onat is currently working on networked control systems: Networked control systems, where the sensors, controller and actuators of a digital controller reside on different computer nodes linked by a communications network, aim to overcome the disadvantages of conventional digital control systems, such as difficulty of modification, vulnerability to electrical noise, difficulty in maintenance and upgrades, at the application level. However, data delay and loss on the network may unstabilize the plant. We have proposed a novel networked control method where satisfactory control is possible even under random delay and data loss by referring to a model of the plant to predict states of the plant under such conditions. The proposed method has good performance compared to other methods.

Dr. Onat is also developing synchronous linear motors for vertical applications: Vertical applications place high demands on the design of linear motors because the magnetic circuit must enable high thrust to weight ratio while realizing high efficiency, low force ripple, while maintaining ease and low cost of manufacturing, maintenance and lifespan.
Dr. Onat designed and built linear motors that satisfy these requirements and proposed a composite design optimization method based on nonlinear magnetic modeling and finite element analysis. Theoretical studies and simulations have been backed by full scale vertical linear motor prototypes capable of 150-450kgf net lift capability at speeds up to 2.5m/s with regular supply voltages. The research is funded by a Japanese world leader company in elevators.

Dr. Onat's research also includes eemote fault detection and prognosis for commercial vehicles: eork on this area with collaboration from a manufacturer has been carried out where new methods of fault diagnosis and recovery have been proposed, enabling auto makers to foresee some of the impending failures on customer vehicles in the field.

Selected Publications:

A New Active Position Sensing Method for Ropeless Elevator

Modeling of Air Core Permanent-Magnet Linear Motors with a Simplified Nonlinear Magnetic Analysis

Control over Imperfect Networks: Model Based Predictive Networked Control Systems