IICEC International Energy Forum

27-28 September 2010, Sabancı University, Karaköy Minerva Palace

Istanbul, Turkey



A by-invitation-only meeting to focus on the interplay between the geopolitical, economic, and managerial challenges and opportunities facing Turkey as it becomes an important energy hub between the energy producing countries of the Trans-Caucasus/Middle East and Western Europe.  Particular attention was paid to the growing strategic and critical role that universities play in support of this development.

IICEC International Energy Forum was held in the historic Minerva Palace, located in the heart of the late Ottoman-era “Bank Street.”  Ample time was allotted for social activities to facilitate networking.  The two-day retreat included a cruise of the Bosphorus, culminating with dinner at the Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum.


IICEC International Energy Forum "Turkey’s Strategic Energy Interface: The Ten-Year Prospect" speakers included Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Sabancı University, Güler SABANCI; President of Sabancı University, Prof. Dr. Nihat BERKER; Chairman of the Executive Board of Verbund, Michael PISTAUER; Sabancı Holding Energy Group President, Selahattin HAKMAN; Sabancı University Founding President Tosun TERZİOĞLU; Chairman of SHELL Enerji A.Ş. and Chairman of Petroleum Platform Association (PETFORM), Nusret CÖMERT; Executive Director of MIT Energy Initiative, Melanie KENDERDINE; Director of MIT Energy Initiative, Dr.Ernest MONIZ; Representative of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey, Yasemin ÖRÜCÜ; Director of Sabancı University Istanbul Policy Center (IPC), Prof. Dr. Fuat KEYMAN; Central European University, Center for Policy Studies, Dr.Andrew CARTWRIGHT; CEO of AKKÖK Group, Mehmet Ali BERKMAN; CEO of Siemens Turkey, Hüseyin GELİS; CEO and South West Asia President of GE, Kürşat ÖZKAN; Secretary General of Federation of Euro Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS), Arıl SEREN; Central European University, Director of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Energy Security & Global Energy Assessment, Aleh CHERP; Sabancı University, Dean of Faculty of Management,  Prof. Dr. Nakiye BOYACIGİLLER; Director of  Energy Institute and Acting Director of Environment Institute of TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center,Mustafa TIRIS; Director of MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, Franz-Josef ULM; International Energy Agency Chief Economist Dr. Fatih BİROL; Sabancı University Istanbul Policy Center (IPC), Prof. Dr. Ahmet EVİN; Associate Director of MIT Office of Corporate Relations, James E. GADO; Okan University, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Prof. Dr. Nejat TUNCAY; Deputy Dean of MIT Sloan School of Management Dr. S.P. KOTHARI; Open Society Foundation and Brookings Institution, Hakan ALTINAY; Central European University, Center for Environment and Security,  Dr. Andreas GOLDTHAU; University of California, Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Prof Dr. Winston KO.