Prof. Difiglio’s presentation at Russia's National Research University - Higher School of Economics

IICEC Director Prof. Carmine Difiglio presented a 4-hour seminar on the oil market at a high- level roundtable.  The venue was prestigious Russia's National Research University - Higher School of Economics. (NRU HSE)

Participants included prominent Russian academicians, foreign service officers from Moscow embassies and the country heads of international oil companies in Russia.  Prof. Difiglio’s address stimulated a wide-ranging discussion among these well-informed roundtable participants.

The roundtable was organized by Dr. Vitaliy Yermakov, Director of the School of Higher Economics Energy Center and author of the IICEC Energy and Climate Research Paper “Supply Dynamics Among the Big Three Oil Producers: Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.”  Dr. Yermakov is also a frequent author of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies papers.