İzak Atiyas

Name: İzak Atiyas

Title: Professor

E-mail: izak@sabanciuniv.edu

SU Webpage: http://myweb.sabanciuniv.edu/izak/

Research Activities:

Professor Atiyas' research areas are competition law and policy, regulation in telecommunications and electricity industries, and privatization. In the field of competition law, He is currently conducting a TUBITAK-sponsored Project on the Examination of Competition Board Decisions from the Perspective of Law and Economics. The decisions of the Competition Board are examined with two objectives in mind: The first is to evaluate the extent and sophistication of economic analysis they contain. The second is to compare them with the decisions undertaken in the application of competition law in the European Union. In the field of regulation, he is studying the interaction between ex-ante regulation and ex-post enforcement of competition law in the telecommunications industry. In electricity regulation, Prof. Atiyas is writing a paper on the general assessment of restructuring in the electricity industry in Turkey. In privatization, he has recently published a book chapter on the assessment of the recent privatization experience in Turkey.

Selected Publications:

Aggregate and Sectoral TFP Growth in Turkey: A Growth Accounting Exercise

Economic Institutions and Institutional Change in Turkey during the Neoliberal Era

Firm level data in the MENA region: research questions, data requirements and possibilities", Middle East Development Journal

When good intentions are not enough: Sequential entry and competition in the Turkish mobile industry