International Center for Energy and Climate Forums

IICEC Annual Energy Conference featuring WEO 2018 Turkey Launch

20 December 2018, Conrad Bosphorus Istanbul Hotel

"World Energy Outlook 2018 Turkey Launch”

IICEC 8th International Energy and Climate Forum

13 October 2017, Conrad Hotel Istanbul

"Global Energy Investments: What's Next?”

IICEC 7th International Energy and Climate Forum

10 June 2016, Conrad Hotel

“Paris COP21: What Implications for Energy Industry?”

IICEC 6th International Energy and Climate Forum

15 May 2015, Conrad Hotel

“On The Road To G-20 Antalya Summit: Global Energy Security Today and Tomorrow”

IICEC 5th International Energy Forum

13 June 2014, Conrad Hotel

"Global Energy Investments: Challenges and Opportunities"

IICEC 4th International Energy Forum

10 May 2013, Conrad Hotel

“Towards A New Global Energy Landscape: What Role For Turkey?”

IICEC 3rd International Energy Forum

16 March 2012, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, The Seed

“Regional And Global Climate Change: Physical Observations and Policy Choices”

IICEC 2nd International Energy Forum

28 May 2011, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, The Seed

“Global Energy Outlook: What Role For The Emerging Countries”

IICEC International Energy Forum

27-28 September 2010, Sabancı University, Karaköy Minerva Palace

“Turkey’s Strategic Energy Interface: The Ten-Year Prospect”