IICEC – Dutch Consulate Roundtable

 Lucian Pugliaresi, President of the U.S. Energy Policy Research Foundation (EPRINC) provided a roundtable presentation on 3 May to a select group at the Palace de Hollande on the continuing impact that U.S. LNG exports are having on international gas trade, including the ongoing “second wave” of U.S. LNG investments. Mr. Pugliaresi also discussed why natural gas will be increasingly important in Asian markets and how this will drive worldwide demand for LNG (a recent EPRINC report explaining why is attached). Three countries (Australia, Qatar and the United States) will dominate supply but, despite this heavy concentration among suppliers, the future market will become even more competitive and transparent. Participants, besides Mr. Pugliaresi and IICEC Director Difiglio included senior officials from the Dutch Consulate and the U.S. Embassy in Ankara as well as Turkish experts such as Ambassador Mithat Rende and IICEC’s Director of Research, Bora Güray.

Click here to download EPRINC Report.