Danial Esmaeili

Name: Danial Esmaeili

Title: Doctor and Senior Researcher at IICEC

E-mail: danial@sabanciuniv.edu

Research Activities:

Dr. Esmaeili’s recent work includes an analysis of electricity markets and energy planning, particularly focusing on the dynamics of electricity markets, including cases of tacit collusion and exercise of market power. He is also developing the IICEC-Sabancı University TIMES Energy Model (ISTEM) that will be featured in a number of forthcoming IICEC and Sabancı University energy research projects. For example, it will be used to understand the future of the Turkish electricity market and the opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with additional renewable energy and carbon capture storage and utilization. His research interests also include agent-based simulation, optimization, game theory, and machine learning. Dr. Esmaeili’s earlier work includes an integrated multi-item supply chain optimization model and theoretical developments to enable wireless signal processing.

Selected Publications:

Determining Collusion Opportunities in Deregulated Electricity Markets

An Agent-based Simulation of Power Generation Company Behavior in Electricity Markets under Different Market-Clearing Mechanisms

Competition, risk and learning in electricity markets: An agent-based simulation study