Carmine Difiglio

Name: Carmine Difiglio

Title: Professor and Director of IICEC

Research Activities:

In line with IICEC’s mission, Prof. Difiglio oversees the development of economic and policy studies to develop solutions for a sustainable energy future. Difiglio’s own energy research includes a variety of topics such as energy security, the international oil market, fuel efficiency, alternative energy, the electric power sector, and pathways to lower GHG emissions. Difiglio developed the first model that simultaneously accounted for fuel prices, government regulations, consumer preferences and the cost of utilizing new fuel economy technologies. This model accounted for consumers’ and automobile manufactures’ response to higher fuel costs and fuel economy standards (the projections made by this model in 1976 for the 1985 model year proved to be accurate within 0.1 mpg). While directing technology policy at the International Energy Agency (IEA), Difiglio launched the Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP) model that remains a flagship publication of the IEA. Difiglio has employed the ETP model to understand what clean energy technologies can best meet world-wide climate goals as well as to assess the effectiveness of alternative climate policies such as the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and other clean-energy policies. More recently, Difiglio has analyzed policies to improve world-wide energy security and why oil price volatility affects economic growth.

Selected Publications:

Oil, Economic Growth and Strategic Petroleum Stocks

The Rebound Effect: A Survey

How to Reduce U.S. Automobile GHG Emissions

Advanced Technologies to Reduce Motor Vehicle GHG Emissions

Cost Effectiveness of Fuel Economy

Economics of Nuclear and Renewables

Economics of Nuclear Power in Liberalized Power Markets

FAS Public Interest Report - Energy and World Economic Growth

Energy Policy Editorial  - Technology Modeling

Energy Policy Editorial  - Renewable & Nuclear Energy