IICEC Community

IICEC conducts research on various fields of energy and climate, develops policy recommendations and communicates them to national and international desicion-makers in an interactive manner.

IICEC offers a range of conferences, seminars, workshops, exclusive roundtable meetings, dinners, luncheons and other events dealing with various sectors of the energy industry, enhancing the interests of IICEC Community.

IICEC Community consists of the Co-chairs, Members, Associates and Academia.

  • Raise the profile of your company

  • Reach the decision makers with your message

  • Foster relationships with your key partners, competitors and regulators

  • Get first-hand information on the market developments

  • Influence discussions on the issues of primary importance to your business


Your advertisement can be featured using various communication channels:

  • Banners and roll-ups in the conference venues

  • Advertising Folder distributed among delegates

  • Website of the Energy Forum

  • Pre-conference mailing

  • Outdoor advertisement

  • Multimedia presentations


Stage a dedicated panel discussion or report presentation - the most valuable opportunity to raise your company's profile. It offers you the most effective way to get your message across and shape the discussion on the issues most important to you.



(3 years of commitment required)

  • are admitted into the IICEC Community.

  • are invited to upcoming events: Workshops, conferences and other events.

  • are welcomed to Lunch Gatherings.

  • have recognition of support and company description on all events.

  • acknowledgement of support on printed materials and signage.



(3 years of commitment required)

  • have all benefits of IICEC Associates.

  • have exclusive access to the full data pool of IICEC.

  • have access to collaborative workshop and roundtables with academia and desicion-markers.

  • form Special Interest Groups(SIGs) based on their interests and have exclusive group meetings.

  • have access to Exclusive Roundtables unique to SIGs.

  • have VIP seating in all IICEC events.

  • acknowledgement of support on banners and on stage.



(3 years of commitment required)

  • have all benefits of IICEC Associates and Members.

  • have a Chair in the IICEC International Steering Committee.

  • have privileged events to be customized in collaboration with IICEC.